University Of Pennsylvania

University Of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League university located in Philadelphia. Consistently ranked among the top ten schools in the country by the U.S. News and World Report, the University of Pennsylvania offers four undergraduate schools and twelve graduate schools from which to choose. Ben Franklin founded the university in 1740, and its location in central Philadelphia keeps students close to major historical landmarks as well as Philadelphia’s bustling arts and commerce districts.

With almost 10,000 undergrads, the University of Pennsylvania is large enough to offer a wide variety of viewpoints but not so large that a student can’t make personal connections with staff and other students. Undergrads may choose between majors in the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of Nursing, and the Wharton School of Business. Students also have the opportunity to create their own dual-discipline majors that involve programs or classes in more than one school.

Opportunities for Graduate Students at the University of Pennsylvania

Graduate students also number approximately 10,000. Masters and PhD programs are available in a wide variety of programs, including nursing, medicine, dental, communication, education, and more. The Wharton School offers an extremely competitive top-ranked MBA degree program, from which many of the nation’s top executives have graduated.

The University of Pennsylvania also offers many opportunities for research. With a budget of approximately $660 million for fiscal year 2006, the university employs thousands of research fellows, postdocs, and support staff. The university is one of the nation’s top earners in terms of external funding, as well–nearly $500 million in grants support the university’s researchers each year.

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