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Private College Grants

February 7, 2010

Unlike a private loan, private college grants do not need to be repaid. Private grants are simply a form of financial aid that comes from private non-profit sources as opposed to the government. (For-profit sources issue scholarships, not grants. Beyond this distinction, there are no real differences between private college grants and scholarships.) The sources of private college grants include universities, social clubs, scholarship organizations, and more.


Hispanic College Grants

February 7, 2010

People of Hispanic descent make up the biggest minority group in the U.S. This group is also the youngest. However, according to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) in 2006, more than 87 percent of Hispanics did not have bachelor’s degrees. This poor number is due in part to financial hardship. Hispanic college grants can help more Latinos attend (and graduate from) the universities they desire.