Veteran College Grants

Veteran College Grants

Military veterans have undoubtedly learned invaluable skills as members of the U.S. Armed Forces. After they are released from active duty, however, they may wish to take new paths. A college education can start them on a whole new life, with new triumphs–and new challenges–on the horizon. One of these new challenges shouldn’t be tuition costs. Veteran college grants can help.

The major source of financial aid for veterans is the GI Bill. The GI Bill (also known as the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act) was created in 1944 to benefit the veterans of World War II. This program disburses veteran college grants to eligible participants and pays for college or vocational training. As of 2006, the Montgomery GI Bill paid for up to 36 months of school and was accessible for up to 10 years after veterans left active service.

Veteran College Grants: Financial Assistance for Children of Veterans

However, veteran college grants aren’t just for veterans. Dependents of veterans are eligible for state, federal, and private grants just for them. Entities such as the American Legion and other military-related organizations are excellent sources of grants like this. There are also college grants like the Regents Award for Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans. This grant was created for children of veterans who served during a national emergency or war.

Veterans or dependents of veterans have numerous grants at their disposal. Other grants included under the GI Bill include the Veterans Educational Assistance Program. Participants in this program receive $2 for every $1 they contribute to the program. Another option is the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program. This program provides qualified individuals with up to 45 months of educational benefits.

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